14 Brilliantly Lit Interior Visualizations

Ukrainian interior visualizer Antonina has a portfolio spanning many spaces in many countries. Her work reflects a brilliant eye towards showing interiors with their most fresh, light-filled potential. Here we share a collection of some of her favorite works from a private residence in Sauvignon to a pizzeria in Odessa.

A Ukraine pizzeria features charming accents of natural stone tile, green wood pickets, exposed air ducts, and multi-layered tables.

A summer porch in Odessa is outfitted for a sleepover with brightly fitted bedding, charming blue shutters and white painted brick walls.

A dining room is tucked into a corner with a full living space beyond.

Brilliant green upholstered accents lend a fresh feel to the beach house in an otherwise white and wood palette.

Wood paneled walls are lit around the top for a border-like effect. The wood accent is carried into the room by a coffee table in the same finish.

Large windows bring sunlight and the outdoor scenery in, giving the large open space a garden appeal. 

The lovely custom wrought iron stair rail offers a little niche perfect for a round settee.
A traditionally decorated girl’s room features a tiny magically-lit playhouse built into the corner.

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