21 Luscious Living Rooms

With so much of our down time spent in our living rooms, and much of our entertaining of family and friends there, we all would like an area that makes a homey yet stylish statement that we can be truly proud of. We've compiled a collection of 23 luscious living rooms to get your ideas flowing on how to create a lounge that makes just the right statement.

A tiled floor is easy to keep clean and a glossy surface will reflect light back up into the room.

An exposed brick wall introduces a lot of texture into any room scheme, and gains a modern edge when teamed with marble, concrete and glass.

Plants always breathe life into a living space, and they are naturally timeless.

Pairing furniture pieces and accessories provides easy impact.

If you have a room with a view, let the view do the talking.

A typographical wall treatment provides a splash of interest.

Wood cladding makes a warming wall covering.

Make a statement with wall art, and don’t scrimp on the proportions! Large pieces hung in multiples look bold and daring.


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