Floral Arrangments You Could Try This Spring

Flowers soften any room and make soft rooms positively dreamy, but they can also add unexpected dimensions to modern, even industrial spaces. Feminine selections are often reduced to a combination of, or a choice between: Lisianthus, Peonies, Roses, Dahlias or Tulips and being the most fashionable of the season, are the first to be featured. 

Just as English Tea-Roses owe their name to the Motherland, long understood is the association of the Orchid, Lilly and Cherry Blossom with Oriental styling and the addition of a single one of these species to an Asian influenced room can solidify its theme.

Floral displays are as much about the choice of flower as they are about the choice of vessel. This can largely dictate whether the display will exude an antique or modern feel. The recycling of jars and bottles is not only good for the planet, but great for making a floral statement. Leaving the container, whatever it may be, in its original commercial state will work well in a modern industrial space, but if a vintage look is desired then a rustic paint job will give an old glass jar or bottle a new stylish purpose.

Foliage, in its various textural forms works well in minimalist and masculine spaces, as do other forms of greenery such as palm fronds, grasses and even branches, but be careful not to gloss over the still life appeal fruit and even vegetables, can have. In this same vein, pine cones are also a popular, however unlikely, styling tool in modern and natural spaces.                 

Flowers, like many another decorative element, make their greatest impact on mass. Venturing into the back garden or leaning over window boxes to collect flowers takes preference over a trip to the florist as flowers have one of the highest mark-ups of all consumer products. Even a bunch from the local grocer can fetch a high price so deconstructing a single bunch and displaying it like these roses will have a big impact at a small cost. 

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