50 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen backsplash designs are as varied as the kitchens that accommodate them. From a minimalist neutral backsplash that spans from ceiling to floor to the tiniest tile mosaic applied above a dainty cooktop, these important design elements provide many decorating and functional possibilities. To prove our point, we've gathered 50+ unique backsplash ideas from around the web. Which is your favorite?

Living wall tiles such as these not only bring a natural element to the kitchen they make the environment healthier too.

Brilliant blue LED lights add a stunning effect to this glass backsplash.


This backsplash visualized by Olesya Kubiv actually reminds us of the biometric art.

This wavy backsplash in graphite adds texture and interest to a white kitchen.

Fine woods such as this zebra wood backsplash add so much character to the kitchen.

Sustainable resources such as the bamboo used for this backsplash are not only terrific for the environment, they add texture and beauty to the kitchen.
Faux wood finishes are an inexpensive yet attractive way to create a modern kitchen backsplash.

Strand bamboo in a Chestnut finish makes for a Zen minimalist backsplash.

White tile doesn’t have to be flat and boring. This wavy geometric tile is raised for a dimensional design.

A unique arrangement that integrates the backsplash system with the work zone around the sink.

A backsplash shelf gives adds extra space for holding spices, jars and utensils.

Cobblestones set on applied on their sides makes a unique backsplash full of interest and texture.

Tetris tiles offer many colorful options for backsplashes and backsplash walls.

Fabric backsplash laminated behind glass.

INAX wall tiles are raised and colorful making them a perfect choice for modern kitchen backsplashes.

Metallic mirrored tiles create a glamorous backsplash for a feminine kitchen decor.

Marble is a popular choice for luxury kitchen backsplashes and walls.

Wall quotes provide an inspiring way to decorate your backsplash.


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