Why This Room Caught My Eye

I have recently been daydreaming of bohemian style interiors, lush and rich with textures, patterns and colors. This thought led to the next one, being a soft, velvety emerald sofa as a key feature in a bohemian chic interior design.
A few clicks later I stumbled over this inspiring room that caught my eye and illustrates my bohemian interior idea. These reasons caught my eye in particular:
  • Soft, emerald sofa: Pantone's color of the year 2013 is noble, decadent, bobo and I love it on a big, soft sofa in particular. To be honest, I am thinking of a new acquisition for myself.
  • Hairpin legged coffee table: Almost juxtaposed to the bohemian chic of the rich sofa is the somewhat retro meets industrial hairpin legged coffee table with wooden top. I love its contradiction - made of heavy wood and cast iron, it still has an airy lightness in itself.
  • Vintage kilim rug: The decadent chicness of the velvety emerald sofa is once again juxtaposed by the worldly, time travelled vintage kilim rug with its vibrant colors. It entails the magic of past times and far away cultures and perfectly completes the bohemian chic styling of this room.
What caught your eye today? Let me know!

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