Why This Room Caught My Eye

If you want to catch my attention, color in interior design and home decoration is a good lure. Now I don't have to outline the fact that the color blocking in this room has definitely caught my eye.

The bright yellow table? The turquoise chair and the petrol sofa? And have you noticed the neon orange line functioning as a visual structure between the floor and the walls? Genius! Here's what else caught my eye in the office of Latvian interior designer Anna Butele: 
  • Dramatic chandelier: With such a chandelier in your room, you can tone down on the rest. Because this is a highlight and stands for itself. 
  • Color blocking: Use bold colors to structure your room. A boldly colored table set against differently hued seating furniture in an all white setting - perfection!
  • DIY art piece: For that very personal touch create your own piece of art. Like here, lay out white A4 sheets and draw something or write your favorite quote over multiple sheets. Put them together in the right order and simply stick them with washi tape to a big, empty wall. A real gallery feel!
Anything you like in particular here?

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