Why This Room Caught My Eye

This is such a wonderful example to showcase the vast power of colors in interior design. This composition is like a painting - every hue seems carefully chosen, every placement thoughtfully arranged.

Don't get me wrong, I truly believe that a monochrome interior can expel a similar visual power - but here we talk color, right? But let me point out the three points that caught my eye in particular:

  • Color Coding: The commitment to a precise color palette does the trick here. A white setting as an ideal background make the warm orange and yellow pop to the max. The warm yellow is perfectly enhanced by the saturated tangerine and the colors reflect not only the larger pieces but also the decorative details.
  • Happy Shelves: I love this kind of open shelves in such a happy color. First of all, they just look so decorative and secondly you can display your favorite magazines, books, prints and change the little gallery from time to time.
  • Timeless Eames Chairs: Yes, I agree, they are like everywhere. But truth be told, the timeless design of an Eames chair is a safe eye-catcher!
What do you think of this room? What caught your eye?

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