Why This Room Caught My Eye

My ongoing obsession with kitchens must have two crucial reasons: First, ever since I moved away from my parent's place I've lived in apartments with tiny kitchens or better said kitchenettes.

Even now I only have a sort of two square meters kitchenette where you constantly bump into sort of everything if you try a half turn. Second, I sort of discover my little passion for cooking healthy food. Now this is still largely undermined by the aforementioned kitchenette, so show me any lovely kitchen that is bigger than five square meters and I am all about to swoon and dream a dream of a decent kitchen for myself. 

I think I would also go for a signal color kitchen to make a little style and personality statement and this fresh green has a strong impact on my eye. But let me begin from the top:

  • Green Kitchen Fronts: A fresh and invigorating green for kitchen fronts and shelves? I would say YES! I imagine a kitchen as the heart of a happy home with lots of happy cooking, chatting, eating, meeting, working, partying. So yes, a green kitchen could be a real option for my future home.
  • Stainless Steel Gas Stove: Imagine this - I am working at a home appliance company and haven't got any decent ones myself due to my tiny kitchenette. If I had the option to choose, I would definitely go for stainless steel appliances and most certainly for a great gas stove.
  • Copper Pots and Pans: Vintage copper pots and pans on a hanging rack - this is the perfect style statement in a modern, playful color kitchen. It adds a notion of heritage, of history - the presence of a kitchen as the heart of a happy home is underlined by the addition of vintage kitchen accessories such as these great copper pots and pans. 
What has caught your eye in this kitchen? Are you a color kitchen person or would that be too much for you? Let me know!

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