Why This Room Caught My Eye

This room combines a vibrant and a more masculine look in one. At least this is what I think.

But let me guide you through the visual cues that caught my eye in this particular room:

  • Abundance of natural light: To start off, can we please speak about the abundance of natural light in this interior? I mean seriously, who wouldn't love such a light flooded home? In interior design nothing beats natural light.
  • Velvet sofa: This grey velvet sofa looks so cozy and inviting that I'd like to jump on it instantly. But more importantly it adds a certain cool, urban vibe to this room. The grey color is ideal to match any other colors through decorative elements like cushions or rugs. Speaking of rugs, let's get to point three.
  • Colorful Brochette rug: The Moroccan Brochette rugs seem to be the new must-have when it comes to interior design elements. They are suddenly everywhere and the colors and patterns appeal to many tastes. Their fluffy texture is also ideal to add interest in interiors. 

So what caught your eye? What do you like or maybe dislike in this room? Let me know!

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