Why This Room Caught My Eye

Sometimes we look with awe at fancy living rooms, swanky bedrooms, gleeful nurseries, colorful kitchens. But what about the hallway?

Sometimes this link between rooms gets pretty neglected. It is this 'pass through' area that has to host many practical facilities and notoriously frequented by the owners, guests, kids. However, as much as it is important to link our entire home, it's also important to put some attention to its styling as it is the first impression people get when entering our home. So today's 'room' that caught my eye is actually a hallway. It is the hallway of LA based wardrobe stylist Shirley Kurata. This simple yet super happy hallway has not one but three aces:
  • Yellow stairs: Can stairs get any happier? I mean seriously, who wouldn't love stark yellow winding stairs in his home?
  • Greenery: Inside a home, plants do not only look decorative but they also act as natural humidifiers and refresh the air. And yes, they do please the eye!
  • Patterned rug: To balance the stark color blocking from the stairs, the owner has placed a patterned colorful rug in front of it. Its pattern and texture serve as the third ace and make this hallway a little masterpiece.
What caught your eye? And would you like such a hallway in your home?

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