Why This Room Caught My Eye

I am happy to show you a fabulous bedroom styling from Valerie Mangum. She restyled her bedroom in such an awesome way that I was absolutely smitten and couldn't help but share it with you. 
So, let's talk 'styling':
  • Various botanicals: One of the styling elements are 'botanicals'. And trust me, I was totally fascinated to see the impact of botanicals in room styling. Valeria has carried out this principle to perfection by adding various botanicals into her bedroom styling and thus adding lots of life and texture to her room.
  • Hanging planters: Botanicals require an adequate container for display. Valeria has gone a step further and has added hanging planters that create a big deal of structure, interest and definitely caught my eye!
  • Colorful & patterned cushions: An excellent selection of colors and patterns when it comes to cushions ties the whole styling concept together. The entire room tells one beautifully arranged styling story.

Well done, Valerie!! What do you think of this room styling?

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