Why This Room Caught My Eye

I truly believe in the notion that color equals happiness. Now some of you who are devotees of the monochromatic approach in interior design might disagree with me here, but hey, this is a place to go crazy and berserk when it comes to homes.

So today's room that caught my eye is a perfect example of a real color explosion. Here are the three reasons that made my jaw drop:
  • Eclectic color mix: I know it's not for everyone, but this eclectic color mix just made my eye go all over this room. The funky art, the two bright Stool 60 examples by Alvar Aalto, the multi-colored and multi-patterned home textiles - all comes together into a happy room.
  • Dark walls: In order to make all the strong colors pop, the owner has decided to go dark with the walls. An excellent backdrop for all the brights!
  • Bright yellow sofa: The yellow sofa serves as a sort of visual anchor in this room. It draws the eye and sets the tone for all the other colors and patterns. 
What do you think of this room? Cool and funky or way too colorful and chaotic? I'm curious to know how you feel.

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