Why This Room Caught My Eye

This time I am back to a kitchen design that is quirky, unusual and absolutely adorable.

Or happy so to say. Probably my eye keeps on being caught by lovely kitchen designs cause I’ve lived in an apartment with no real kitchen for the past six years. But let’s not digress. Here are the three reasons that caught my eye in this little kitchen:
  • Irregular, open shelving: The walnut wood covered back wall is highlighted with the irregular mounting of open shelves to store food, crockery, tableware.
  • Colored shelf backs: The irregular shelves are a highlight themselves – to set them off of the walnut wood panel, the backs of the shelves have been painted in various matching colors. These harmonize perfectly with the kitchen’s front color and tie the whole color concept together.
  • Statement kitchen color: The walnut wood itself is an eye-catcher, but the designer has set another element to make this kitchen even more special. The ice blue hue covers the kitchen front and top and serves as a statement color. 
What caught your eye in this kitchen? Any likes or dislikes? Let me know!

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