Why This Room Caught My Eye

Do we share the same weird experience? I refer to that feeling when we enter a home or a single room for the first time and we get hooked by a few salient interior design details and can't help but admire them repeatedly (and sometimes ask the host or owner about the origins, the inspiration, the source etc.). Well, this happens quite often to me.

Sometimes it is something very general like a special wall paint or flooring, other times it is a tiny little detail, like a decorative element or an art piece. So here is another web finding that caught my eye and these are the three reasons why I got hooked by this room:
  • Open fireplace: I have never lived in an apartment with a fireplace so I get instantly exciting when I spot a fireplace. Especially such a stylish open one like here.
  • Soft color palette: I really like the soft color palette in this room. Dusky pink, bright beige, grey and brown hues create a harmonious entity in this romantic room.
  • Tactile surfaces: The use of various fabrics and tactile surfaces makes the interior styling perfect. The soft rug, the furry pouf, the velvety cushions and sofa - who wouldn't love to cuddle up in this room?
Is this room catching your eye too?

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