Why This Room Caught My Eye

I bet you are a big Pinterest fan just as I am. Well, sometimes I get lost in the visual spheres of Pinterest and browse through dozens (hundreds?) of inspiring pictures. And it always happens that my eye gets caught by certain rooms.

Now, I've decided to share these rooms on a regular basis here and give you a very brief explanation why that room caught my eye. I hope you will like it!
I am starting this new little blog series with this amazing kitchen picture. So what caught my eye? It's basically three main reasons:
  • Wooden Planks & Beams: The wooden planks on the ceiling and floor as well as the beams add a rustic, country style feel to this little kitchen.
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces: The stainless steel fronts and countertops act as a contrasting juxtaposition to the rustic feel of the wood. This triggers visual interest in such a small space.
  • Colorful Display: The happy displaying of colorful kitchen accessories spices up the whole kitchen by adding a very individual style and focal point for the eye of the beholder.
This kitchen could be a happy kitchen of mine! Anything that catches your eye?

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