Why This Room Caught My Eye

I strongly believe in the unrivaled power of colors in interior design.

Whether it's bold and strong with colorful walls, a painted ceiling or flooring, big and bright accent furniture or rather playful and individual with colorful accents such as textiles, art, home decor - when wisely executed, the first and foremost feeling is one of joy and happiness. I also understand the other side: people who prefer calmer,  less vibrant and monochromatic spaces. But truth be told, I can't live with at least a little dash of color. So when I spotted this room, I was all smiles. And here is why:
  • Cluster of quirky lampshades: What a fun idea to highLIGHT your room. Whether it's a design piece or a DIY model: this pendant will make people talk!
  • Colorful gallery wall: I love the character of a gallery wall that exudes the personality of the home's owner. Arrange your favorite prints, posters, photos into a very personal gallery wall to make an arty interior design statement. 
  • Cool & urban tray tables: This set of bright blue tray tables act as a flexible coffee table and the detachable trays have a double function. 
So, now I am curious about your verdict? Love or loathe?

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